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“Ingrown toenails are one of the most painful conditions that I treat” says Dr. Lambert. An

ingrown toenail occurs when the side of the nail grows down into the skin, most commonly on

the big toe. A painful break in the skin can quickly become infected with bacteria from the

nail or a unsterile nail clipper.


An ingrown toenail appears as redness and swelling on the side of the nail. When infected,

pus is present and the toe may throb. If left untreated, an overgrowth of tissue can develop

called granulation tissue or proud flesh. Also, an untreated infection can become cellulitis and

spread to the foot and leg. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, there is an increased risk

of complications.


A typical patient presents three days after trying to cut an ingrown toenail out at home.

Treatment consists of an in office removal of the ingrown toenail, usually with a local

anesthetic. The procedure is pain free after the toe is numb. Relief is usually immediate.


A chronic or recurrent ingrown toenail can be removed permanently. One or both sides of

the nail can be removed, or the entire nail can be removed. A chemical is used to kill the nail

root. Home care is required for several weeks along with follow up office visits. Insurance

typically covers either procedure after your deductible is met.


You do not have to live with foot pain!

Do you have an ingrown toenail?



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