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Medicare Covers Diabetic Foot Care Every 61 Days, In Many Cases.

If you do, you should know how important foot care is.  Over time, diabetics risk developing complications.  Chronic high blood sugar or hyperglycemia can cause damage to the nerves of your feet causing numbness, burning and itching; this is diabetic neuropathy.  Long term diabetes can cause poor circulation in the feet or peripheral vascular disease.  These conditions can lead to diabetic wounds that do not heal, or ulcerations, and even amputations.  Good control of your blood sugar is the best way to prevent these complications.


Seek professional foot care if you have:

•  numbness or burning

•  non-healing sores

•  corns or callouses

•  changes in skin color

•  bunions or hammertoes

•  thick or painful toenails

The key to prevent complications, is early diagnosis of diabetes, and regular foot care from a podiatrist.  Diabetics who receive regular foot care, including paring of corns and calluses, and debridement of thick fungal toenails, are almost four times less likely to undergo an amputation than those who do not seek treatment.

Keys to prevention

Do you know how diabetes can affect your feet?

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